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            ABOUT US

               FuJian JinJiang XinXing bolt and nut factoury,is located in the South Fujian's Golden Triangle"maritime Silk Road"starting place--Quan zhou JinJiang. It enjoys a very convenient transportation by sea or by road or by airl,adjecent to the JinJiang airport. With more than 10 years experience in auto -mobile accessories production,nowadys,it turns to be a pprofessional factrory which make manufacuring and marketing into a integration.

               The enterprise always fully implement the auto-mobile standardGB/T3098.1-2000,the quality of our products achieves the 10.9 and 12.9 grade requirement .It has com[lete production equipments and mature examing  method ,specialize machines for freuent heat-trearmenr,forging and punch ,lathes,grinders,and rolling etc.It uses the advanced net stove for metal heat treatment processing.Meahwhile,play much more attention to the talent's training and introduction.Holds the"training inside ,introduing from outside" talen management strategy to continously strengthen the personnel training and optimize the talen struvture,in order to make sure sure for technology development and profuct improvements abd strengthening .We will make any effort to manufacture more and more newer and better series products in return.And ,meet widely users'requirements by reasonable price and best service.Our products all go through seriously checked,and reach the demands of the OEM factories ,and have won praise and trust form our customets for several years.

               We have registered and passed two tredemarks ad "TONG SAL'and "MIN GUANG",our leading products are auto-mobile chassis fastern parts for four mainly heavy-duty vehicles(STEYR,HOWO,BENZ,HONGYAN),We have complete models,outstanding quality,which is comparable to the same products from foreign countries.and we can calet processing unstandard screws for customers.

               "XinXing heavy vehicle" is your trustworthy cooperation parther,we will continue to pursue the aim of "make friend by business,promote by friendship"as busuness philosophy,and always adhere to the"base in sincere,bold innovation"as the guidelies.We welcome any instrested to join the XinXing en terprise and make promising futhre together!